How to quickly install carpets onto existing wood or laminate flooring?

With Sigan 3.

Wood flooring or laminate floors are often encountered as substrates in renovation projects. To install a new carpet that does not damage the existing floor, Sigan 3 is recommended. To replace laminate flooring, Sigan 3 can be used to install new carpet quickly and cleanly. Sigan 3 is guaranteed to leave no residues on the original floor when the floor covering is removed. The original wooden or laminate flooring can then be used again or serve once more as substrate for new carpet.


Step by step guide:


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UZIN Sigan 3 High-performance adhesive for larger areas (special foil carrier)

Fast adhesion of new textile floor coverings onto existing wood flooring / laminate

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No trapped air bubbles thanks to micro-perforation and ventilation channels
  • Floor covering immediately ready for foot traffic and loads
  • Later removal leaves no residue
  • DE-UZ 113 / Environmentally friendly because of low emissions
  • EMICODE EC1 PLUS / Very low-emission

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