UZIN NC 151 Heavy Duty Smoothing Compound

UZIN NC 151 is a heavy duty, cement based smoothing compound which dries quickly, reliably and consistently.  It is ready to receive most floor coverings after only 6 hours whether applied on an absorbent or non-absorbent surface. It has great strength, excellent flow and is easy to spread. UZIN NC 151 also produces an exceptional finish ideal for all floor coverings such as vinyl, lino and luxury vinyl tiles.

Heavy Duty

Low strength smoothing compounds are susceptible to indentations that will mirror through into the floor covering, especially if there is regular, heavy trolley transportation. With many resilient floor covering manufacturers requiring at least a 25 N compressive strength, UZIN NC 151 heavy duty smoothing compound is ideal for projects which require a durable and long last floor finish.  Perfect for hospitals, schools and other commercial and industrial areas subject to substantial weight and traffic.

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UZIN Loyalty Scheme

UZIN NC 151 is part of the UZIN Loyalty Scheme where you can get 2 points for every bag ordered. Points can then be exchanged for WOLFF Tools & Machines as well as gift cards and merchandise such as TV's and iPhones.

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UZIN NC 151Heavy Duty Smoothing Compound

Quick, reliable and consistent drying!

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