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Our best selling flooring installation products

With a big product range it is often difficult to keep an overview. UZIN has therefore put together a selection of our best selling flooring installation products which cover your daily work requirements for 90% of all applications. This makes searching for a product easier and allows you to focus on few products.

The UZIN Best Sellers includes our most important UZIN products, but we continue to provide a wider range of reliable and innovative products to provide solutions for different scenarios.

The UZIN Best Sellers are listed below:

UZIN NC 151 Heavy Duty Smoothing Compound

Heavy duty, cement-based smoothing compound for thickness up to 20 mm

UZIN L3 Gold Bag & Bottle Self Levelling Compound

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. Superior bag & bottle smoothing compound

UZIN NC 196 Fibre-reinforced Self Levelling Compound

Cement based fibre-reinforced self levelling compound for thickness from 3 mm to 40 mm


UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control

Prime, level and install in 4 - 5 hours! Award winning moisture control system for use on all types of cementious substrates


UZIN NC 163 Low Stress Self Levelling Compound

Smoothing compound which can be used without priming!

UZIN PE 404 Residual Moisture Suppressant

One-component polyurethane residual moisture suppressant

KE 2560 UK Carpet Glue

Carpet adhesive with strong thread formation, excellent grab and high final strength

UZIN MK 160 Wood Floor Adhesive

Professional, hard elastic adhesive for wood flooring which sets quickly.

UZIN L3 Gold System Primer

System primer for L 3 Gold in areas of high residual moisture. For interior use prior to installation of L 3 Gold Moisture Control System.

UZIN U-Tack Skirting Tape

Double-sided multi-purpose adhesive tape for skirting, capping and coving

UZIN U 2100 Carpet Tile Adhesive

Carpet tile adhesive tackifier for loose-lay floors are prevented from slipping or moving. Can also be used for LVT.

UZIN PE 480 Liquid Damp Proof Membrane

High quality, liquid damp proof membrane for use up to 99.9% RH. Even sets on wet surfaces for fast installations.

UZIN PE 360 Plus Multi-purpose Floor Primer

Ready mixed multi-purpose primer which can be used on and under all UZIN cement and calcium sulphate smoothing compounds.

UZIN PE 280 Rapid Drying Floor Primer

Ready mixed, fast drying primer. The floor primer contains special carbon fibre technology which produces a gritted surface. The quick drying primer can also be applied on walls.

UZIN NC 888 S Feather Finish

Rapid drying feather coat

UZIN NC 182 NEW Rapid Repair Mortar

Low-slump, very fast setting and re-mixable rapid repair mortar

UZIN KE 66 LVT Adhesive

Fibre-reinforced, high temperature and LVT adhesive. Can be used to install all types of resilient floor coverings such as vinyl and LVT.

UZIN KE 2428 Vinyl Floor Adhesive

Vinyl and carpet adhesive. For interior use.

UZIN KE 2000 S Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Strong pressure sensitive adhesive with a short open time. Can be used as a pressure sensitive adhesive, wet set adhesive or using the double-drop method.



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