Our best selling flooring installation products

With a big product range it is often difficult to keep an overview. UZIN has therefore put together a selection of our best selling flooring installation products which cover your daily work requirements for 90% of all applications. This makes searching for a product easier and allows you to focus on few products. The UZIN Best Sellers includes our most important UZIN products, but we continue to provide a wider range of reliable and innovative products to provide solutions for different scenarios.

Sector Solutions

At UZIN we work with contractors in partnership and have systems suitable for any type of commercial work or floor covering. We provide comprehensive technical support both on and off site should you need any help or assistance. Our products are of the highest quality, extremely reliable and focus on sustainability. Our unique solutions will also allow you to overcome any problems you may face outside of your normal scope of work.

UZIN have product systems which can be used in a variety of commercial sectors. We have put together a brochure containing our UZIN Best Sellers and 7 systems, which provide examples of UZIN solutions for different sectors.  The systems are interchangeable and can be used for different sectors depending on the substrate, type of floor covering being installed or the needs of your clients.

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Order UZIN products to get points which can be exchanged for WOLFF Tools & Machines as well as gift cards and merchandise such as TV's and iPhones. All the UZIN Best Sellers are included in the UZIN Loyalty Scheme.



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UZIN Best Sellers

Remur 25 / 35 mm Special Tape System for PVC trims

Installing PVC trims

  • dimensionally stable
  • avoids use of contact adhesive
  • no prior fitting and priming
  • 3 – 5 times faster
  • solvent-free
  • will not dry out or become brittle

Remur 95 / 145 mm Special Tape System for PVC skirting

Installing PVC skirting securely

  • dimensionally stable
  • avoids use of contact adhesive
  • no prior fitting and priming
  • 3 – 5 times faster
  • solvent-free
  • will not dry out or become brittle

UZIN KE 2000 S Universal wet and pressure sensitive adhesive

Dispersion adhesive for all common resilient coverings, textile coverings, wall coverings and UZIN insulation/installation underlays

  • Odourless during and after application
  • Excellent working properties
  • Good tack with stringing
  • Solvent-free

UZIN KE 2428 Vinyl and Carpet Adhesive

Dispersion adhesive with very high bond-strength for vinyl and all common textile floor coverings

  • Easy to spread
  • Excellent coverage
  • Long working time
  • Excellent grab performance
  • Very high final strength
  • Solvent-free

UZIN KE 49 HT High Temperature Adhesive

High temperature or pressure sensitive adhesive for hybrid application

  • Temperature tolerance from –20 °C up to +60 °C**
  • Very long working time
  • High initial and final tack
  • Good resistance to plasticisers
  • Solvent-free

UZIN KE 66 Fibre-Reinforced Adhesive

High temperature adhesive for luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl and rubber

  • Excellent working properties
  • Very low consumption
  • Short open time
  • Solvent-free

UZIN L 3 Gold System Primer System Primer

Primer for UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System

  • simple handling
  • very rapid drying
  • no quartz sand sprinkling

UZIN L2 Contract 2 part smoothing compound

2 part smoothing compound

  • low stress
  • smooth surface
  • quick setting
  • excellent flow
  • ready to receive foot traffic after 1.5 to 2 hours
  • ready for floor coverings after 6 hours
  • suitable up to 15mm in one application
  • suitable for underfloor heating (please contact UZIN Technical for further information)

UZIN L3 Gold Rapid Drying 2 Part Smoothing Compound

Ammonia, protein and latex free, 2 part smoothing compound

  • very low stress
  • smooth surface
  • quick drying
  • can be used over  old waterproof adhesive residues
  • ready for floor coverings in approx 2 hours*
  • suitable for applications from 3 - 30mm**

UZIN NC 110 Gypsum Smoothing Compound

Calcium sulphate based smoothing compound, with Level Plus Effect S.

  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Very smooth surface
  • Rapid drying progress
  • Low stress

UZIN NC 151 Heavy duty smoothing compound

Floor smoothing compound for textile and resilient floor coverings as well as wood flooring for thicknesses from 0-20 mm.

  • Very good flow characteristics
  • Great surface finish
  • Consistent, reliable and fast drying on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates


UZIN NC 163 Renovation smoothing compound

Renovation smoothing compound which can be used without priming over old adhesives and cementitious substrates

  • Can be used directly on old adhesive residues
  • Smooth surface
  • Good absorption
  • No priming required up to 5 mm
  • Low stress

UZIN NC 196 Fibre-Reinforced Smoothing Compound

Fibre-Reinforced Smoothing Compound for thicknesses from 3 to 40mm

  • Fibre reinforced
  • Thickness range from 3 to 40 mm
  • Excellent flow properties and pumpable
  • Low stress
  • Excellent absorbency

UZIN NC 770 Industrial Top

Cement based, self-smoothing topcoat for thicknesses from 3 to 50 mm

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good flow characteristics and pumpable
  • Low stress
  • High compressive strength and tensile strength

UZIN NC 888 S Feather Coat

Rapid drying feather coat for filling and patching before floor covering work for thicknesses from 0 to 4 mm

  • now with better adhesion and smoother finish
  • from a ”feather-edge” up to 4 mm thickness
  • no primer required
  • extremely rapid drying
  • excellent surface finish
  • fine aggregate

UZIN PE 280 Super Fast Primer

Dispersion primer with carbon technology for smooth and dense surfaces

  • Ready to use
  • Film-forming
  • Ideal bonding agent on dense surfaces
  • Also suitable for wall applications
  • High-speed construction product

UZIN PE 360 PLUS Ready Mixed Primer

Moisture tolerant dispersion-based primer for absorbent substrates, screeds and concrete

  • ready mixed
  • very economical
  • rapid drying
  • reduces the absorbency of the substrate
  • tolerant against alkaline moisture

UZIN PE 404 Resin Moisture suppressant

1-component, rapid drying resin Residual Moisture suppressant

  • Rapid drying
  • Easy to use
  • Ready mixed
  • Solvent-free

UZIN PE 480 2-Component Epoxy DPM/ Primer

1 coat epoxy resin primer or DPM on very damp substrates

  • Water, chemical and frost-resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Excellent covering and filling capacity
  • Can be used on wet substrates

UZIN RR 620 Acoustic Grade LVT Underlay

Self-adhesive, acoustic grade underlay for the installation of luxury vinyl tiles

  • Self-adhesive underside
  • Low build-up height
  • Immediately ready for covering after installation
  • High compressive strength
  • High acoustic grade properties

UZIN U 2100 Slip-resistant tackifier

Slip-resistant dispersion for loose-laid carpet tiles

  • Very low consumption
  • Fast drying
  • Covering is easy to remove and relay
  • Anti-static


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