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Luxury vinyl tiles

Do you want to create a stunning room? Luxury vinyl tiles can help create attractive floors.

FAQ around the installation of LVT


Installing floor coverings onto stairs can sometimes be complicated. We have a few tips to help you here.

Problem free stair installation
Best type of contact adhesive to use

Expansion joints and screed cracks

There is uncertainty among installers and architects regarding how to deal with expansion joints and cracks which may appear in substrates. Which joints can be sealed and which have to be carried through to the surface?

What should be done regarding expansion joints & cracks?

Special flooring constructions

Skirting, capping & coving

Water damage in wooden floors

What steps should be taken if a wooden floor is damaged by water?

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Resilient floor adhesives

Different adhesives should be specified depending on the area and floor covering.

Find which adhesives to use


Specifying smoothing compounds

What should be considered when choosing and specifying smoothing compounds?

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1 or 2 component

What are the differences between 1 and 2 component products?

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Gypsum or cement?

Choosing the right smoothing compound is critical for ensuring the success of any final floor finish.

What is the difference between gypsum or cement based smoothing compounds

Sustainable flooring solutions

Find out UZIN's approach to sustainability.

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Underfloor heating installation

Learn about underfloor heating systems and recommendations for floor covering installation.

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Protecting against moisture

One of the most common failures within the flooring industry is a lack of preparation and testing, when it comes to mitigating moisture in the substrate.

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Investigating Hydrostatic Pressure

Examining the cause, effect and remedy of hydrostatic pressure.

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Joints vs Cracks

A common issue faced by flooring installers is identifing and dealing with joints and cracks. 

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