Luxury vinyl tile installation

Good preparation is paramount for a successful installation of LVT floorcoverings. The specification and application of the correct products is key to achieving the desired results. Having to replace because of an avoidable failure can be a time consuming and costly exercise.

To ascertain which products are needed for a project, it is important to evaluate the area in which the LVT floorcovering is to be installed. Some of the key points should be:

  • The identification of the actual substrate
  • Whether there is moisture present
  • If there has been Under Floor Heating installed AND commissioned
  • Are there are areas of solar gain

Prior to the application of UZIN products, it is essential to prepare the substrate correctly. This may involve grinding to remove any contaminants, smoothing compounds or adhesive residues, and this can easily be done using the Wolff Neo 230 with specific segments to deal with the removal of different materials. Failure to have a “clean slab” or surface can have a detrimental effect on anything installed over it.

Testing the substrate for moisture should be routine before the application of any of UZIN products. The %RH (Relative Humidity) readings of this test, will determine whether a moisture suppressant system is required, and which one would be most suitable. This could mean using a two part epoxy DPM such as UZIN PE 480 if a structural DPC cannot be evidenced, or a single component suppressant for high levels of residual moisture such as UZIN PE 404. If the floor is deemed dry (75% RH and below), on absorbent substrates containing a structural DPC, it is safe to prime with UZIN PE360then install a smoothing compound such as UZIN NC 151. When priming dense surfaces such as UZIN PE480/PE404, then the application of UZIN PE 280 is required.

UZIN NC 151 is a heavy duty smoothing compound which is ready to receive floor coverings in as little as 6 hours, on both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Alternatively, UZIN NC 196, a fibre reinforced compound, can be applied over most substrates such as cementitious floors and flooring grade plywood (in conjunction with UZIN PE 630  primer). Renovation projects that incorporate various substrates and differing levels make UZIN NC 196 the ideal choice as it can be applied from a thickness of 3mm-40mm and provides an ideal surface for LVT floorcoverings.

The performance of LVT is also reliant on the correct choice, and application of the adhesive to be used. Areas with under floor Heating (UFH) will require a HT adhesive which is designed to cope with the fluctuations of temperature the floorcovering will experience. UZIN KE 66 is HT fibre-reinforced wet set adhesive and is the ideal choice for installing LVT in areas that contain UFH and experience mild solar gain. Areas subject to extreme temperature fluctuation and are subjected to solar gain on a greater level, such as south facing conservatories and bi-fold doors, can suffer temperatures that can exceed the capabilities of some HT adhesives resulting in gapping at the header joints on the LVT floorcovering. In such situations, the use of UZIN KE 68 would be recommended as it is designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Pressure Sensitive adhesives are widely used for the installation of LVT floorcoverings.  Traditionally the term Pressure Sensitive means that the adhesive would be allowed to “Flash Off” to a dry tack, however UZIN do not recommend installing LVT using this method. UZIN KE 2000 S and UZIN KE 49 HT are both Pressure Sensitive, and wet set adhesives, that we would recommend to be used in a wet / semi wet set method when installing LVT floorcoverings. This is to provide a good transfer of adhesive on the back of the material. Both of these adhesives have extended open times, which in turn, provides longer working times, ideal when installing time consuming patterns. The bonus of storing a tub of UZIN KE 49 HT is that you can use it as a HT adhesive if you use it in a wet set format.

In summary, taking sufficient time to properly evaluate the area prior to the installation of the floorcovering, and choosing the correct products in-line with UZIN’s recommendations, will ultimately, result in a successful installation.

If you require any further help or advice in relation to any of the above products, please do not hesitate to contact UZIN’s Technical team, who will be happy to discuss the best products to suit the requirements of your specific projects.

UZIN Products

UZIN KE 2000 S Universal wet and pressure sensitive adhesive

Dispersion adhesive for all common resilient coverings, textile coverings, wall coverings and UZIN insulation/installation underlays

  • Odourless during and after application
  • Excellent working properties
  • Good tack with stringing
  • Solvent-free

UZIN KE 49 HT High Temperature Adhesive

High temperature or pressure sensitive adhesive for hybrid application

  • Temperature tolerance from –20 °C up to +60 °C**
  • Very long working time
  • High initial and final tack
  • Good resistance to plasticisers
  • Solvent-free

UZIN KE 66 Fibre-Reinforced Adhesive

High temperature adhesive for luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl and rubber

  • Excellent working properties
  • Very low consumption
  • Short open time
  • Solvent-free

UZIN L3 Gold Rapid Drying 2 Part Smoothing Compound

Ammonia, protein and latex free, 2 part smoothing compound

  • very low stress
  • smooth surface
  • quick drying
  • can be used over  old waterproof adhesive residues
  • ready for floor coverings in approx 2 hours*
  • suitable for applications from 3 - 30mm**

UZIN NC 151 Heavy duty smoothing compound

Floor smoothing compound for textile and resilient floor coverings as well as wood flooring for thicknesses from 0-20 mm.

  • Very good flow characteristics
  • Great surface finish
  • Consistent, reliable and fast drying on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates


UZIN NC 196 Fibre-Reinforced Smoothing Compound

Fibre-Reinforced Smoothing Compound for thicknesses from 3 to 40mm

  • Fibre reinforced
  • Thickness range from 3 to 40 mm
  • Excellent flow properties and pumpable
  • Low stress
  • Excellent absorbency

UZIN PE 360 PLUS Ready Mixed Primer

Moisture tolerant dispersion-based primer for absorbent substrates, screeds and concrete

  • ready mixed
  • very economical
  • rapid drying
  • reduces the absorbency of the substrate
  • tolerant against alkaline moisture

UZIN PE 404 Resin Moisture suppressant

1-component, rapid drying resin Residual Moisture suppressant

  • Rapid drying
  • Easy to use
  • Ready mixed
  • Solvent-free

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools