Laying Lino Flooring

Linoleum floors are robust, durable and are available in many different impressive designs. With UZIN products, linoleum can be adhered securely and made dimensional stabile  even on dense substrates.

Linoleum flooring has a hessian backing so requires a specialist wet-bed adhesives to provide a quick initial bond to restrict any movement whilst the adhesive dries. Adhesive such as UZIN KE 2428 provide a fast and strong initial tack and a high development of strength ideal for laying lino flooring.  UZIN KE 2000 S pressure sensitive adhesive can also be used to install lino flooring depending on the thickness.

Laying Lino Flooring

UZIN KR 430 2-Component PU Adhesive

Flexible polyurethane adhesive for heavy-duty floor coverings

  • Odourless during and after application
  • No shrinkage
  • Flexible yet hard
  • High resistance to heat and cold

UZIN LE 43 Lino Adhesive

Fast dispersion adhesive for linoleum in sheets, panels and cork linoleum with excellent initial adhesion

  • Extreme high initial adhesion
  • Good spreading characteristics
  • Low drying time
  • Reliability due to thread-drawing
  • Strong and fast setting characteristics
  • Solvent-free

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