Fitting Skirting, Installing Onto Walls & Stairs

The majority of the trade currently still use solvent based adhesives to install floor coverings, particularly contact adhesives for fitting skirting, capping and coving as they perform well providing a quick and secure bond. However, due to the ever changing health and safety rules and more call for certified environmentally friendly adhesives there are better, safer alternatives which can be used such as UZIN WK 222. UZIN has therefore removed solvent based products from the range to provide a safe and healthy indoor climate for users and their clients.

When floor coverings are exposed to high amounts of traffic or stress, such as on stairs or on walls a strong, secure bonding is necessary. The powerful contact and special adhesives from UZIN offer the user installer reliable solutions, even for the most difficult conditions.

Fitting Skirting, Installing Onto Walls & Stairs

UZIN KE 68 T 1-Component Hybrid Adhesive

1-Comp. hybrid adhesive for wall applications

  • ideal consistency for working on vertical surfaces
  • single part, no mixing and user freindly
  • for areas with high temperatures
  • resistant against heavy loads

UZIN WK 222 Solvent-free contact adhesive

Water based neoprene adhesives for all types of constructional contact bonding

  • Superb rolling and brushing properties
  • Can be applied one day in advance
  • Long contact bonding time
  • High resistance to plasticisers
  • Solvent-free
  • Great coverage. Correct consumption obtained when applied with the yellow foam roller (pictured). Please note this is sold separately.

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