Floor Underlayment

The UZIN floor underlayment and underlays are ideal companions for installing wood flooring and floor coverings. Using underlays can save old ramshackle substrates or even expand their range of use. It’s also possible to improve impact sound absorption and heat insulation properties, thus increasing indoor ambience. UZIN’s range also includes underlays that improve the underfoot comfort of floor coverings, so that every step feels like walking on a cloud. If existing substrates, floor coverings, or wood flooring that need to preserved or can’t be damaged, there are also suitable UZIN underlays within the range.  

UZIN Multimoll Top 12 Comfort Insulating Board

Stress-relief board to increase walking comfort and indoor ambience for subsequent installation of wood flooring and floor covering

  • stress-relieving
  • Suitable for height compensation
  • Easy to install
  • Impact sound and heat insulating properties
  • Improves living and walking comfort

UZIN Multimoll Top 4 Stress-relief board

Stress-relieving underlay for subsequent installation of wood flooring or floor covering

  • universal use
  • stress-relieving
  • low build-up height
  • easy installation
  • Improves living and walking comfort

UZIN Multimoll Top 7 Insulation and renovation board

Stress-relieving underlay with impact sound and heat insulating properties for subsequent installation of wood flooring and floor covering

  • stress-relieving
  • suitable for height compensation
  • easy to install
  • acoustic and heat insulating properties

UZIN RR 185 Stabilising Underlay and Sheet Membrane

Resilient, loose-laid, stabilising and damp-proof underlay

  • Minimal thickness
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Impervious and non-absorbent
  • Resistant to water and cleaning systems
  • Easy to remove
  • Ideal for renovation work

UZIN RR 189 PLUS FR Flame-retardant Insulating Underlay

Flame-retardant insulating underlay which can be stuck for textile and resilient floor coverings

  • easy to cut and install
  • highly flexible indentation recovery
  • vapour permeable and diffusive
  • flame-retardant
  • acoustically and thermally insulating
  • increases underfoot and ambient comfort

UZIN RR 201 Renovation Fleece

Fibreglass reinforcing fleece for smoothing compounds

  • heavy reinforcing
  • covers cracks
  • increases the stability of the smoothing compound
  • absorbs vibrations and elongations and dissipates them
  • easy to apply
  • low build-up height, from 5 mm

UZIN RR 203 Crack Bridge

Fibreglass crack reinforcement system for repairing cracks, area separation joints and movement on different substrates.

  • Extremely high tensile strength and tear-resistant
  • Bridges and reinforces cracks, joints and transitions
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Panel product saves time
  • Very high composite strength

UZIN RR 620 Acoustic Grade LVT Underlay

Self-adhesive, acoustic grade underlay for the installation of luxury vinyl tiles

  • Self-adhesive underside
  • Low build-up height
  • Immediately ready for covering after installation
  • High compressive strength
  • High acoustic grade properties

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