Self Levelling Screeds

A 'self levelling screed' is a generic term given to a group of products which are used to create smooth floors prior to the installation of the floor covering. They are also known as thin screeds, flow screeds, liquid screeds, pumped screeds, deep bases or deep fills. They flow like liquid across substrates similar to ‘self levelling compounds’ but because they contain bigger aggregates they can be applied in higher depths, although the finish is not as smooth. In fact 'self levelling screeds' or ‘self levelling compounds’ do not naturally 'self level' but instead 'self smooth'. Over a large area for example the variance from one corner to another could be different but may not be apparent to the naked eye. They can be used to create 'level' floors through the use of a laser and level pins but it is not a wide spread practice. Self levelling screeds are usually used in flooring constructions to make up deficits in height or ensure the correct floor strength and load capacitiy.

UZIN's range of self levelling screeds have excellent flow characteristics, great strength as well as consistent and reliable drying. They are also pumpable and suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

UZIN Deep Fill

Economical deep fill for optimum thicknesses between 5 – 50 mm

  • good flow
  • low stress
  • good absorbency

UZIN NC 770 Industrial Top

Cement based, self-smoothing topcoat for thicknesses from 3 to 50 mm

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good flow characteristics and pumpable
  • Low stress
  • High compressive strength and tensile strength

UZIN SC 993 Cementitious mineral coating

Self smoothing, directly usable coating for creation of bonded substrates with thicknesses from 4 to 10 mm

  • directly usable floor finish
  • heavy duty, high abrasion resistance
  • resistant against oil, fuel, moisture and de-icing salt

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