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Sustainable flooring installation

Sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring installation

The environment and sustainability is one of the most important issues facing the construction industry. LEED & BREEAM certification also puts pressure on companies and architects to specify and develop sustainable buildings, improve the safety of products and create a healthy work environment.

Fortunately, the days when floor coverings were installed by the use of solvent based products are over. Products with EMICODE EC1® certification are solvent-free, very low emission and guarantee excellent indoor air quality as well as providing the most ecological approach for flooring installations. Such products are also ideal for LEED & BREEAM certification.


The UZIN  ÖKOLINE is an environmentally friendly range of flooring installation products which have been awarded EC1 Plus & Blue Angel certification. These products are suitable for the installation and renovation of all floors. From primers, smoothing compounds and adhesives, UZIN provides the answer. UZIN also have several products which have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which are suitable for clients which require a SKA rating or require products to meet ISO 14025.

Therefore, UZIN products create a healthy atmospheric environment as well as simultaneously meeting the requirements for occupational health and safety, room air quality and environmental compatibility.

For more information about EMICODE EC1® certification click here

Cube It Simple Recyclable Packaging


UZIN is focused on innovating new environmental solutions and have innovated the Cube It Simple recyclable packaging. As well as the UZIN L3 Gold range of products, the packaging is now available for UZIN PE 260 & UZIN PE 360 PLUS primers. The new packaging means:

  • 77% less CO2 – The cube packaging allows much more efficient method of transporting as more weight and units can be put on a pallet. Transportation is therefore reduced and less CO2 discharged.
  •  85% less waste Only the liner is made from plastic, which can be returned and disposed off. The box is made from recycled cardboard which can be recycled. This also saves floor contractors the hassle of disposing large amounts of plastic containers.

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UZIN UZ 57 Carpet Adhesive

Stong dispersion-based carpet adhesive for all types of textile floor covering.

UZIN U-Tack Skirting Tape

Double-sided multi-purpose adhesive tape for skirting, capping and coving

UZIN U 2100 Carpet Tile Adhesive

Carpet tile adhesive tackifier for loose-lay floors are prevented from slipping or moving. Can also be used for LVT.

UZIN PE 400 Moisture Barrier For Flooring

Moisture barrier primer.  For residual moisture in cement based screeds up to 90% RH.

UZIN PE 360 Plus Multi-purpose Floor Primer

Ready mixed multi-purpose primer which can be used on and under all UZIN cement and calcium sulphate smoothing compounds.

UZIN NC 182 NEW Rapid Repair Mortar

Low-slump, very fast setting and re-mixable rapid repair mortar

UZIN NC 170 LevelStar - Floor Levelling Compound

Extremely smooth and quick setting floor levelling compound with Level Plus Effect S for any thickness range

UZIN NC 110 Gypsum Self Levelling Compound

Calcium-sulphate based smoothing compound with Level Plus Effect for thicknesses up to 50 mm

UZIN KE 66 LVT Adhesive

Fibre-reinforced, high temperature and LVT adhesive. Can be used to install all types of resilient floor coverings such as vinyl and LVT.

UZIN KE 2000 S Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Strong pressure sensitive adhesive with a short open time. Can be used as a pressure sensitive adhesive, wet set adhesive or using the double-drop method.

Sigan 2 Double Sided Tape For Vinyl Flooring

switchTec® high-performance double sided tape for vinyl flooring and carpets. Can be used to install new floor coverings onto existing floors.

Sigan 1 Vinyl Floor Tape

switchTec® High-performance carpet & vinyl floor tape