Quick, Clean & Safe Skirting Installation

Quick, Clean & Safe Skirting Installation

Quick, clean and safe skirting adhesive tape.

UZIN Remur from UZIN provides a superior method of installing skirting compared to hot-melt gluing, nailing or bonding with solvent-based adhesives. It is also metal reinforced to help prevent gapping and shrinkage. The double-sided  adhesive tape allows you to install skirting and floor covering strips easily, quickly, cleanly and is solvent-free!

UZIN Remur does not become brittle, providing a secure and highly durable bond. It is ideal for vinyl floor covering strips, flexible skirting and cove formers. UZIN Remur is available in widths of 25 mm, 35 mm, 95 mm & 145 mm.


• Safer installation
Unlike solvent-based adhesives, the installer has no explosion or health risks during application as UZIN Remur is solvent-free.


• Quicker installation
Installing skirting is 3 to 5 times faster compared to some contact adhesives.


• Cleaner installation
Unlike solvent-based adhesives, the double-sided tape leaves no residues and streaks on the floor or wall.


• Professional installationThe metal barrier helps prevent gapping and shrinkage. It also provides a
strong bond without needing reinforcement, such as nails.

UZIN RemurAdhesive Tape

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