Installing floors over anhydrite, calcium sulphate and gypsum screeds

Anhydrite screeds, also referred to as calcium sulphate or gypsum screeds are becoming more prevalent because they provide a cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to labour intensive sand cement screeds.

UZIN produces a range of mutually compatible calcium sulphate based products such as smoothing compounds and rapid repair mortars as well as primers, adhesives and a unique damp proofing system. UZIN also have solutions to repair cracks and stress induced joints.

The entire range has been rigorously tested and used in a number of projects across the UK. 

Damp proofing anhydrite screeds

Waiting for damp anhydrite screeds to dry are now a thing of the past. UZIN has developed a solution to protect calcium sulphate screeds against residual moisture up to 95 % RH. The system allows projects to be completed much quicker and avoids delays.

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Crack repair systems

Floors need to be installed quickly and be available to other trades in the shortest time possible. Cracks may develop within anhydrite screeds depending on the climate and site conditions, which can cause problems and delays. Cracks and stress induced joints must be closed prior to the installation of the new floor covering. UZIN’s range of crack repair systems are ideal for remedial repairs and allows screeds to be renovated quickly and easily.

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Perfect installation systems.

What makes our product range so special? We think in systems, not just individual products. Therefore you can carry out each step of the system quickly and easily. If you should require any help or advice please contact our technical service team.

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UZIN Case Studies - Examples of our systems in use

Farrow Court Sheltered Housing

Farrow Court is one of Ashford's older sheltered housing schemes. Planning permission was granted to redevelop the site to provide a new dementia-friendly facility comprising a much larger day centre for use by the local community as well as the residents of Farrow Court.

Gaia Spa & Gym at Boringdon Hall Hotel

The Grade one listed Boringdon Hall Hotel in Plympton, near Plymouth is a former medieval Manor House where style and luxury meet the Elizabethan architecture. The hotel believed this idyllic location on the edge of Dartmoor would make the perfect destination spa and aimed to create luxurious fitness and wellbeing facilities. Drawing inspiration from nature the spa’s interior and exterior encompass natural materials including wood, stone and glass in order to bring the outdoors in. A high quality finish was therefore paramount.


UZIN KR 516 2-Component Silicate Resin

Low-odour resin for quick crack repair, bonding and filling works

  • low odour
  • extremely fast curing
  • mixing part quantities is possible
  • no need for a stirring
  • adjustable consistency

UZIN NC 110 Gypsum Smoothing Compound

Calcium sulphate based smoothing compound, with Level Plus Effect S.

  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Very smooth surface
  • Rapid drying progress
  • Low stress

UZIN NC 118 Low-slump, gypsum repair mortar

Low-slump calcium sulphate based repair mortar

  • Easy application
  • Nearly tension-free
  • For any thickness
  • Calcium Sulphate based repair mortar

UZIN PE 280 Super Fast Primer

Dispersion primer with carbon technology for smooth and dense surfaces

  • Ready to use
  • Film-forming
  • Ideal bonding agent on dense surfaces
  • Also suitable for wall applications
  • High-speed construction product

UZIN PE 360 PLUS Ready Mixed Primer

Moisture tolerant dispersion-based primer for absorbent substrates, screeds and concrete

  • ready mixed
  • very economical
  • rapid drying
  • reduces the absorbency of the substrate
  • tolerant against alkaline moisture

UZIN PE 404 Resin Moisture suppressant

1-component, rapid drying resin Residual Moisture suppressant

  • Rapid drying
  • Easy to use
  • Ready mixed
  • Solvent-free

UZIN PE 425 NEU 2-Component Water-Based Epoxy Primer

Universal epoxy primer for reinforcement of weak screeds or prior to the moisture suppressant system

  • easy to use
  • deep reinforcement of the upper screed zone
  • improves shear strength
  • can be used in the moisture suppressant system on calcium sulphate screeds
  • improves the bonding strength with UZIN STP and PUR adhesives
  • can be overlaid in combination with UZIN PE 280
  • diluted with 10% water
  • vapour diffusive

UZIN PE 480 2-Component Epoxy DPM/ Primer

1 coat epoxy resin primer or DPM on very damp substrates

  • Water, chemical and frost-resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Excellent covering and filling capacity
  • Can be used on wet substrates

UZIN RR 201 Renovation Fleece

Fibreglass reinforcing fleece for smoothing compounds

  • heavy reinforcing
  • covers cracks
  • increases the stability of the smoothing compound
  • absorbs vibrations and elongations and dissipates them
  • easy to apply
  • low build-up height, from 5 mm

UZIN RR 203 Crack Bridge

Fibreglass crack reinforcement system for repairing cracks, area separation joints and movement on different substrates.

  • Extremely high tensile strength and tear-resistant
  • Bridges and reinforces cracks, joints and transitions
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Panel product saves time
  • Very high composite strength

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools