How can floors be installed onto old stairs in need of repair without using solvent based adhesives?

With UZIN NC 888 S and UZIN WK 222.

Old staircases not only look unpleasant but pose a safety risk. The quick setting feather coat UZIN NC 888 S makes stair repairs quick and easy. UZIN NC 888 S can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Holes in wood surfaces, screeds and concrete can be easily filled and unevenness fixed. The floor covering can then be installed after approx. 30 minutes (at 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity).

A strong contact adhesive is also required to install the floor covering and should achieve a permanent bond which is immediately ready for traffic. UZIN WK 222 is a water-based neoprene adhesive for all contact bonding common in building constructions. The product is solvent free and low emission, protecting the health of the installer.


Step by step guide:

UZIN NC 888 S is ideal for quick stair repairs. With the short open time, the immediate load-bearing ability, and the versatility, UZIN WK 222 is a winner for adhering floor coverings.

Ernst Wohlleb
Head of technical services UZIN


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UZIN NC 888 S Feather Coat

Rapid drying feather coat for filling and patching before floor covering work for thicknesses from 0 to 4 mm

  • now with better adhesion and smoother finish
  • from a ”feather-edge” up to 4 mm thickness
  • no primer required
  • extremely rapid drying
  • excellent surface finish
  • fine aggregate

UZIN WK 222 Solvent-free contact adhesive

Water based neoprene adhesives for all types of constructional contact bonding

  • Superb rolling and brushing properties
  • Can be applied one day in advance
  • Long contact bonding time
  • High resistance to plasticisers
  • Solvent-free
  • Great coverage. Correct consumption obtained when applied with the yellow foam roller (pictured). Please note this is sold separately.

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