UZIN Customer Service & Technical Support


UZIN Customer Service & Technical Support

Product Data Sheets

Screed Construction

Create and construct screeds. Our range includes special rapid drying cements and mortars, deep fills and additives for cementitious screeds.

Subfloor Preparation

Prepare, prime, repair, level and smooth substrates before installation of the floor covering.

switchTec® Adhesive Tape Technology

Quickly and easily change the floor or install onto existing floor coverings.

Wood Flooring Installation

Perfect systems for installing and adhering all common types of wood flooring.


Cleaning, sealing, coating and maintenance for resilient flooring.

No unanswered questions with UZIN Best Solutions

The UZIN Best Solutions are your companions for a perfect floor installation. Whether you need   information when you encounter problems during refurbishments or just want to learn more about current  trends or sustainability, the UZIN Best Solutions offer you expert knowledge and support. You will also get general tips and tricks alongside numerous pictures, videos and instructions. 

Find out about the latest solutions and take advantage of the valuable tips. In the future, we will regularly introduce new systems for different requirements here.

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