Waterproofing concrete floors with high residual moisture

With UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System

Waterproofing concrete floors with high residual moisture

With UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System

Prime, level and install in only 4 to 5 hours!

UZIN has long been known for pioneering new and exciting products to help support flooring contractors on job sites across the country.  UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System has been specially developed to protect floors from cement moisture and is suitable for use in areas of high residual moisture, up to 95% RH.*  When waterproofing concrete floors with high residual moisture, flooring contractors no longer have to apply a damp proof membrane to the floor, then prime and then install the smoothing compound. With the exceptionally simple UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System, fitters just have to follow three uncomplicated steps.  Prime the concrete, mix and apply the bag & bottle smoothing compound and finally apply the adhesive. Job done in only 4 to 5 hours.

This exceptionally simple and easy use moisture control system for floors means project  can be completed in one day. The rapid damp proofing system is not only extremely affordable when compared to the traditional system at price per square metre but also saves time and money on labour costs.

Step by step guide


The substrate must be prepared as normal i.e. be sound, free from cracks, clean and free from materials which would impair adhesion. Thoroughly vacuum to remove dust.



If the substrate measures 90% RH or below apply one coat of UZIN L3 Gold System primer using a foam roller and allow to dry for 1 hour. If it measures between 91% to 95% RH apply a second coat and allow to dry.



Mix the bag and bottle components UZIN L3 Gold Powder and the UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control liquid. Once the product is fully mixed it can be applied over the floor using a steel trowel at depths from 3 mm to 5 mm. It is then ready to accept most floor coverings within 2 hours.


Choose a suitable adhesive for installing the floor covering such as UZIN KE 2000 S pressure sensitive adhesive for vinyl, rubber or lino.  UZIN KE 2000 S is low emission and exceptionally reliable with a great coverage of up to 70 square metres.



The work is then complete and the floor covering is protected against residual moisture in the screed. Save time and money with this rapid moisture control system.


* Suitable for use up to 95% RH if the substrate is primed with two coats. Suitable up to 90 % RH with one coat of UZIN L3 Gold System Primer. See the product data sheets for more information.
** Load bearing after 24 hours. Please refer to the product data sheets when using all products.

Cube It Simple Recyclable Packaging


UZIN is focused on innovating new environmental solutions and have innovated the Cube It Simple recyclable packaging. As well as the UZIN L3 Gold range of products, the packaging is now available for UZIN PE 260 & UZIN PE 360 PLUS primers. The new packaging means:

  • 77% less CO2 – The cube packaging allows much more efficient method of transporting as more weight and units can be put on a pallet. Transportation is therefore reduced and less CO2 discharged.
  •  85% less waste – Only the liner is made from plastic, which can be returned and disposed off. The box is made from recycled cardboard which can be recycled. This also saves floor contractors the hassle of disposing large amounts of plastic containers.

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UZIN L 3 Gold System Primer System Primer

Primer for UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System

  • simple handling
  • very rapid drying
  • no quartz sand sprinkling

UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control Rapid Drying 2 Part Smoothing Compound

Two component smoothing compound for use in areas of high residual moisture

  • For use in areas of high residual moisture
  • Ammonia and latex free
  • Suitable for thickness from 3 – 5 mm
  • Excellent flow
  • Excellent adhesion and bond strength
  • Ready for floor covering in approx 2 hours
  • Very low stress
  • Absorbent providing a good key for adhesives

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