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Do you have any questions?

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UZIN Best Solutions

UZIN provides our customers with the best solution for any project, even in the face of exceptional challenges. We innovate products and systems, many of which are niche or specialist. Depending on the scenario, our unique systems can be employed to streamline work, expedite projects and minimise downtime. Our systems can also help improve performance, overcome problems and offer additional security.  Each UZIN Best Solution includes system instructions, photos, videos as well as valuable tips. In the future, we will regularly introduce new systems for different flooring problems and provide solutions.


We have also put together a list of answers on the most frequently asked questions we get asked from contractors, architects and clients. If you would still prefer to contact us then please call or e-mail us for advice. If you require a site visit, need us to take moisture readings or provide a guaranteed specification we can help. Contact us here.


UZIN Best Solutions

Screed Construction


Quickly create lightweight floors even if the substrate is uneven


Easily seal and repair screed cracks and stress induced joints


How to reduce the drying time of screed construction

Subfloor Preparation


Save time when priming over tiles and wooden floorboards


Easily establish when a smoothing compound is dry


Extremely quick floor installations onto old substrates


Damp proofing cement and concrete substrates with very high moisture


Install new floors over damp or contaminated surfaces


Quickly and easily repair cracks and stress induced joints


Damp proofing anhydrite screeds against residual moisture up to 95% RH


Save time refurbishing old floors with old adhesive residues


Quickly and easily protect against residual screed moisture

Floor Covering Adhesives


Install floors onto old stairs without solvent based adhesives


Quickly improve acoustic insulation and underfoot comfort for LVT floors

switchTec® Adhesive Tape


Quickly and easily install new floors onto existing vinyl or lino


Renovate floors in the quickest time possible without closing businesses


Install carpets onto existing wood or laminate flooring


Quickly install luxury vinyl tiles without waiting for the adhesive to dry


Quickly install new LVTs onto existing floor coverings


Quickly install LVTs onto damp and contaminated substrates



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For areas of high residual moisture up to 95% RH UZIN L3 Gold moisture control system is the ideal choice when time constraints are an issue, you can prime, level and install in 4 to 5 hours.

For more information on the UZIN L3 Gold moisture control system, click here.

UZIN PE 425 water based primer can be used to reinforce brittle screeds without the expense and mess created when removing and replacing weak screeds.

For more information on UZIN PE 425, click here.

A two part epoxy DPM such as UZIN PE 480 is required, buildings constructed pre 1965 will not contain a structural DPM nor were they widely used for many years after. It is also important to bear in mind that early construction DPM's where only 300 gauge compared to today’s more robust 1200 gauge Visqueen linings, and may be compromised allowing moisture to migrate through the slab.

For more information on UZIN PE 480, click here.

It is advisable to prime dense surfaces such as DPM's with UZIN PE 280 primer prior to the installation of a smoothing compound. High levels of atmospheric humidity and low temperatures can result in moisture forming on colder surfaces which can compromise the bond between the smoothing compound and DPM if a primer is not applied.

For more information on UZIN PE 280, click here.

The use of UZIN PE 630 flexible primer in combination with UZIN NC 196 fibre reinforced smoothing compound is the ideal system on which to bond floorcoverings to.

For more information on UZIN PE 630, click here.

For more information on UZIN NC 196, click here.

UZIN L3 Gold and UZIN NC 163 can both be used without primers in many situations. Please read the technical data sheets thoroughly before the commencement of works.

For more information on UZIN L3 Gold, click here.

For more information on UZIN NC 163, click here.

Yes. We would advise this to be in a wet set method, although certain sheet materials can go into a semi wet application dependent on usage. Please consult with UZIN Technical for further advice.

For more information on UZIN KE 2000 S, click here.

UZIN KE 68 has been formulated to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations in areas of high solar gain such south facing conservatories and Bi-fold doors.

For more information on UZIN KE 68, click here.

UZIN Case Studies

Starlight Children’s Ward at Wythenshawe Hospital

The Gulbenkien Café at Kent University

Gaia Spa & Gym at Boringdon Hall Hotel

Farrow Court Sheltered Housing

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