UZIN NC 112 Turbo Rapid Gypsum Smoothing Compound

Rapid drying compound for all floor coverings and wood flooring for thicknesses from 0 to 30 mm

  • superior flow characteristics
  • quick drying, ready to accept floor coverings after 6 hours*
  • very low tension
  • very high strength


Main application area:

High performance, quick drying gypsum based smoothing compound. Especially suitable for quick renovation on weak old substrates and mixed substrates. The extremely good flow properties and smooth uniform appearance provide the installer with the best basis for subsequent installation of fabric and resilient floor covering or wood flooring. Pumpable, for interior application.

Extended application field:

Technical data

*At 20 °C and 65% relative humidity with max. thickness of 5 mm. See "Ready for covering".

paper bag

Pack size

20 kg

Shelf life

12 months

Water quantity

4.5 - 5 litres per 20 kg bag




approx. 5 m² @ 3 mm thickness

Ideal application temperature

15 °C - 25 °C

Pot life

15 - 20 minutes*

Ready for foot traffic

after approx. 1 - 2 hours*

Ready for covering

after approx. 6 hours*

Minimum application temperature

10 °C at ground level

Flow ring spread

approx. 155 mm ± 5 mm

Fire reaction

A1fl according to DIN EN 13 501-1

Ordering information

Quality seals and badges

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