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The Grade one listed Boringdon Hall Hotel in Plympton, near Plymouth is a former medieval Manor House where style and luxury meet the Elizabethan architecture. The hotel believed this idyllic location on the edge of Dartmoor would make the perfect destination spa and aimed to create luxurious fitness and wellbeing facilities. Drawing inspiration from nature the spa’s interior and exterior encompass natural materials including wood, stone and glass in order to bring the outdoors in. A high quality finish was therefore paramount.


Building type Hotels, commercial kitchens and restaurants (UK)
Area (m²) 900 square metres
CountryUnited Kingdom

A damp anhydrite screed was causing delays at the Gaia Spa & Gym so a UZIN system was used to expedite the project.

Approximately 900 square metres of new flooring needed to be installed throughout the new Gaia Spa including treatment areas, gym, boutique, restaurant as well as the reception and interconnecting corridors. The builders had used an anhydrite screed for the installation and the moisture levels were over 75% relative humidity (RH). The construction industry has seen a growth in the use of anhydrite screeds but has failed to find an answer for adequate protection against moisture. Waiting for damp anhydrite screeds to dry can take a long time so the client required a solution to enable works to continue.


The solution / implementation:

The flooring contractor, Russells Flooring Ltd had a good working relationship with UZIN Technical Sales Representative Gavin Coleman and have 100% trust in UZIN’s product systems. After learning about UZIN’s new system to protect calcium sulphate screeds against residual moisture up to 95% RH, Russells Flooring Ltd decided to specify the unique system to help expedite the project. The UZIN system allows projects to be completed much quicker and avoids long delays, so provided the perfect solution. Firstly two coats of UZIN PE 425 primer was applied to the anhydrite screed. Two coats of UZIN PE 404 resin DPM were then installed, followed by a coat of UZIN PE 280 rapid drying primer. A flat and smooth finish was achieved by installing UZIN NC 150 water mix smoothing compound. Finally a variety of different floor coverings including luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl and safety flooring were installed using UZIN KE 2000 S pressure sensitive adhesive. The innovative system enabled Russells Flooring Ltd to install the new flooring in time for clients opening date.


The result:

The new Gaia Spa within the grounds of Boringdon Hall offers guests a calm and relaxing experience with a luxury spa, fitness facilities and swimming pool with countryside views. The new flooring complements the amenities helping create a tranquil and peaceful environment. The client was extremely happy with the finish of the floor coverings and Russells Flooring Ltd received exceptional feedback from the builders regarding their standard of work. As a result the builders will continue to work with Russells Flooring Ltd on future projects.


“We use UZIN products regularly and find their wide range of products and service outstanding, which helps provided a first class finish for our clients.”


Andrew Russell, Company Director, Russells Flooring Ltd

Products used

UZIN PE 425 Penetrating Epoxy Floor Primer UZIN PE 425 Penetrating Epoxy Floor Primer

Penetrating epoxy floor primer for reinforcing brittle screeds. Ideal for renovation work.

UZIN PE 404 Liquid DPM UZIN PE 404 Liquid DPM

One-component polyurethane liquid DPM (damp proof membrane)

UZIN PE 280 Rapid Drying Floor Primer UZIN PE 280 Rapid Drying Floor Primer

Ready mixed, fast drying primer. The floor primer contains special carbon fibre technology which produces a gritted surface. The quick drying primer can also be applied on walls.

UZIN NC 150 Self Levelling Compound UZIN NC 150 Self Levelling Compound

Self levelling compound for thickness up to 10 mm

UZIN KE 2000 S Pressure Sensitive Adhesive UZIN KE 2000 S Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Strong pressure sensitive adhesive with a short open time. Can be used as a pressure sensitive adhesive, wet set adhesive or using the double-drop method.

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