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UZIN NC 888 S Feather Finish

Feather Coat

UZIN NC 888 S Feather Finish

Rapid drying feather coat

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  • Extremely rapid drying
  • Really good surface finish


  • new or old cement smoothing compounds
  • existing substrates with well-bonded, waterproof residues of adhesive and smoothing compounds
  • dense, mineral substrates
  • large and small format tiling and natural stone
  • dry screed materials, chipboards and OSB boards
  • all standard construction screeds, concrete or other substrate types
  • also for use as a "low-slump repair mortar" on old adhesive residues and for smoothing out to a feather-edge
  • heavy wear in domestic and commercial locations
  • warm water underfloor heating systems
  • exposure to castor wheels in accordeance with DIN EN 12 529
  • as a system component in high-speed construction


  • from a "feather finish" up to 4 mm thickness
  • no primer requiered
  • extremely rapid drying
  • excellent surface finish
  • fine aggregate
  • bags are protected against damage
  • plastic drum is available for mixing powder
  • extended shelf life in orginal unopened drum
  • low chromate content

foil bag

Shelf life

9 months

Required water quantity

2.25 litres per 4.5 kg bag



Working temperature

min. 10 °C on floor level

Working time

approx. 20 minutes*

Set to traffic

after approx. 10 minutes*

Ready to cover

after approx. 15 minutes*


*At 21 °C / 70 °F and 68% relative humidity at maximum thickness of 1 mm and well absorbent subfloors. See also "Application" in the product data sheet.

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