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UZIN Customer Service & Technical Support

Renovation smoothing compound

UZIN NC 163 Low Stress Smoothing Compound


UZIN NC 163 is an low stress smoothing compound, ideal for renovations as it can be used without priming, even over old adhesive residues and most ceramic tiles*. Even though it has high compressive and flexural strength it produces very low stress so is perfect for use in refurbishment projects.

It can be used over cement screeds or concrete as well as hot water underfloor heating systems. It is ready to accept foot traffic after 2 ½ hours and floor coverings can be installed after 20 hours.  It is especially useful for large renovation projects as it can be pumped.

Save time & money when renovating floors


UZIN NC 163, low stress smoothing compound can be used on most sound and well bonded, waterproof adhesive residues, such as bitumen. It can also be used without priming saving you time and money when renovating*.

Extremely high flexural strength

Due to the flexural strength, UZIN NC 163 produces a low stress surface even when used over old adhesive residues.

Great flow

A pleasure to install either by trowel or screed rake. Produces an outstandingly smooth finish.


UZIN NC 163 allows for quick and easy mixing. It is also packaged in a 20 kg bag to make the transportation easier and safer for flooring contractors.

Renovate without priming!


Renovation Smoothing Compound

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