UZIN RR 203 Cracked Floor Repair Crack Bridge

Fibreglass crack reinforcement system for the repairing cracked floors,  joints and transitions in different substrates

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  • Replaces angle grinding and casting of cracks: the product is free from noise, dust, and odour
  • Bridging and reinforcing problematic cracks, provides additional security
  • Ideal for cracked floor repair in different screeds


Main area of application:

  • Crack and joint reinforcement with slight vibration up to a width of 5 mm
  • Reinforcement / bridging for screed outbursts and transitions
  • Reinforcement/bridging between different substrates
  • Heavy duty for use in residential, commercial and industrial areas, e.g. hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

Extended area of application:

  • Creation of a crack-free and load-bearing substrate in the composite system with UZIN RR 201 and UZIN levelling compounds
  • Closing of expansion joints for underfloor heating systems (please consult UZIN Technical)

Suitable on/for:

  • all types of screed or concrete
  • old substrates with strongly bonded compound and adhesive layers
  • firmly screw-fixed chipboard P4 - P7 or OSB 2 - OSB 4 panels
  • precast screeds, gypsum board plates, and hollw spaces/access floors
  • impact sound and stress relief boards
  • hot water underfloor heating
  • Heavy duty for use in residential, commercial, and industrial areas, e.g. hospitals, shopping centres, etc.


  • Extremely high tensile strength and tear-resistant
  • Bridging and reinforcing cracks, joints, and transitions
  • Extremely easy to process
  • Panel product saves time
  • Resin formation no longer required
  • Very high composite strength
  • Not a hazardous substance

Technical data


rolls, panels

Shelf life

min. 24 months



Area weight

approx. 108 g/m²

Filaments / fibre strand

3,200 pcs

Tensile strength on filament

3,500 N/mm²


72,000 N/mm²

Strain at breaking

2 %

Ordering information

Article Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
Roll 79676 0.8 m x 30 m
33 rolls / 792 m²
24 m²
Panels 79682 50 x 0.8 x 0.6 m
25 boxes / 600 m²
24 m²


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