UZIN NC 770 Industrial Top   Industrial Topcoat & Wear Coat

Cement based, self-smoothing  industrial top for producing a wear-resistant floor finish. It can also be used as an industrial smoothing compound for resin coatings and most floor coverings.

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  • For use as a floor finish, providing excellent wear resistance.
  • It is ideal for use in industrial locations where there is heavy machinery or fork lifts operating.
  • It can also be used as an industrial smoothing underlayment ready to receive resin coatings and most floor coverings.


  • Use as a wear resistant finish or to receive resin coatings and most floor coverings
  • For commercial and industrial areas, e.g. heavy traffic industrial areas which receive forklift traffic
  • For loads from floor conveyors and chair castors
  • Substrates with surface tensile strength of min. 1.5 N/mm², without drive-on traffic min. 1.0 N/mm²
  • Can be used over hot water underfloor heating systems
  • Pumpable, for interior areas


  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Thickness range from 3 to 50 mm
  • Good flow characteristics
  • Pumpable
  • Low stress
  • Good absorbency
  • High compressive strength and tensile strength

Technical data

* At 20 °C and 65% relative humidity.

Paper bag

Shelf life

9 months

Required water quantity

4.25 - 4.5 litres per 25 kg bag




approx. 5 m2 at 3 mm per bag

Minimum working temperature

15 °C

Ideal working temperature

15 - 25 °C

Working time

20 - 40 minutes*

Set to foot traffic

after 2 - 4 hours*

Ready for coating or floor covering

after approx. 24 hours days at 3 mm

Wear resistance

AR0.50 abrasion resistance less than 1 mm impact test

Fire class

A1fl according to DIN EN 13 501-1

Spreading dimension (ring dia.: 30 mm, height: 5 cm)

approx. 135 mm

Ordering information

Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
74871 25 kg

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