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Flooring loyalty scheme

UZIN Loyalty Scheme for Flooring


How does the UZIN loyalty scheme work?

First you need become a member of UZIN's flooring loyalty scheme, simply register online via the link below.  You can also receive news and special offers across the year. Then simply order certain UZIN products such as primers, damp proof membranes, smoothing compounds and adhesives to obtain points and claim rewards! See the link below to see which products and how many points you can earn.

Once you have collected enough points, you can exchange them for Wolff Machines or Tools as well as merchandise such as a TV or iPhone and even FloorSkills Training Courses. Depending on how many points you have collected a variety of Wolff Tools, Machines, merchandise or Training Course can be claimed. Please see a list of possible options in the tables below.

Article Wolff Tool or Machine Points
56203 Smoothing Trowel 25
48221 Wolff Knife 30
73709 Duo Pressure Roller 140
73710 Joint Groover With Guiding Wheel 290
71054 GM 200 Moisture Meter 400
65480 Mixing Station 635
74843 Design Collection 675
80614 Phoenix Welding Set 800
20819 Junio-Stripper 1000
20821 Piranha Door Saw 1300
15540 Duro-Stripper 1800
65218 Samba Grinding Machine 2400
74895 NEO 230 Grinding Machine 3500
39087 Turbo-Stripper 10200
  Merchandise Points
  Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker 340
  Sealey High Velocity Floor Fan 600
  Luxury Case of 12 Mixed Wines 700
  Amazon Echo Plus Smart Speaker 900
  Bosch AM/FM Jobsite Radio 240V 1500
  Apple iPad 9.7", 32GB with Wifi 2000
  Large Luxury Food and Wine Hampers 2150
  LG 55" Smart 4K TV 4000
  Apple iPhone XR 64GB 4500
  Tag Heuer Gents Formula 1 Watch 6300

If you are interested in claiming a Wolff Tool or Machine which is not listed then please contact us. Either e-mail or call 01788 530 080 and we will let you know how many points you need.

Can I still claim gift cards?

If you prefer you can still exchange 300 points towards a £50.00 gift card of your choice. For example, collect 2310 points and claim £350.00 worth of gift cards. You can choose from high street retailers, supermarkets or travel companies. Please see the link below to see what gift cards you can claim.

How to claim your reward

The loyalty scheme runs between January and December 2019. Once you have collected enough points, send us the exchange form and a copy of your invoices and we will arrange for the Machine, Tools or gift card(s) to be sent to you*. You can consolidate your points throughout the year or claim each time you have collected enough points.

Which products can I collect point on?

You can obtain different amounts of points from our UZIN Best Sellers. These best selling products cover 90% of your day to day requirements. To see how many points can be claimed per product download the exchange form.

Redeem points against FloorSkills Training Courses

To help support fitters to develop and learn new skills, UZIN Loyalty Scheme points can be redeemed against a range of training courses from FloorSkills. The following points are needed:

       Course            Points

  • 1 day course     600
  • 2 day course     1200
  • 3 day course     1800
  • 4 day course     2400

A range of different training courses are run by FloorSkills from luxury vinyl tile installation to wood sanding and sealing. For more information click here.

UZIN also provide free subfloor preparation training at FloorSkills. Up to 12 people can be trained per day and allows fitters to expand their knowledge and experience regarding preparation techniques and adhesive application. Each company which attends the course will also get 60 points towards the UZIN Loyalty Scheme. Find out more here.

UZIN Loyalty Scheme

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Gift Cards

Find out what gift cards you can claim.

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The 2019 Claim Form

See how many points you get per product & complete the form to claim your reward for 2019 ...

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Subject to

Terms & Conditions

*The UZIN Loyalty Scheme is subject to these terms and conditions.

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UZIN L3 Gold Bag & Bottle Self Levelling Compound

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. Superior bag & bottle smoothing compound

UZIN NC 196 Fibre-reinforced Self Levelling Compound

Cement based fibre-reinforced self levelling compound for thickness from 3 mm to 40 mm


UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control

Prime, level and install in 4 - 5 hours! Award winning moisture control system for use on all types of cementious substrates


UZIN NC 163 Low Stress Self Levelling Compound

Smoothing compound which can be used without priming!

UZIN PE 404 Liquid DPM

One-component polyurethane liquid DPM (damp proof membrane)

UZIN NC 152 Heavy Duty Self Levelling Compound

Quick setting, heavy duty self levelling compound for thickness up to 10 mm

KE 2560 UK Carpet Glue

Carpet adhesive with strong thread formation, excellent grab and high final strength

UZIN MK 160 Wood Floor Adhesive

Professional, hard elastic adhesive for wood flooring which sets quickly.

UZIN L3 Gold System Primer

System primer for L 3 Gold in areas of high residual moisture. For interior use prior to installation of L 3 Gold Moisture Control System.

UZIN U-Tack Skirting Tape

Double-sided multi-purpose adhesive tape for skirting, capping and coving

UZIN U 2100 Carpet Tile Adhesive

Carpet tile adhesive tackifier for loose-lay floors are prevented from slipping or moving. Can also be used for LVT.

UZIN PE 480 Liquid Damp Proof Membrane

High quality, liquid damp proof membrane for use up to 99.9% RH. Even sets on wet surfaces for fast installations.

UZIN PE 360 PLUS Multi-purpose Floor Primer

Ready mixed multi-purpose primer which can be used on and under all UZIN cement and calcium sulphate smoothing compounds.

UZIN PE 280 Rapid Drying Floor Primer

Ready mixed, fast drying primer. The floor primer contains special carbon fibre technology which produces a gritted surface. The quick drying primer can also be applied on walls.

UZIN NC 888 S Feather Finish

Rapid drying feather coat

UZIN NC 182 Rapid Repair Mortar

Low-slump, very fast setting rapid repair mortar

UZIN NC 150 Self Levelling Compound

Self levelling compound for thickness up to 10 mm

UZIN KE 66 LVT Adhesive

Fibre-reinforced, high temperature and LVT adhesive. Can be used to install all types of resilient floor coverings such as vinyl and LVT.

UZIN KE 2428 Vinyl Floor Adhesive

Multi-purpose adhesive for vinyl, carpet and lino. For interior use.

UZIN KE 2000 S Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Strong pressure sensitive adhesive with a short open time. Can be used as a pressure sensitive adhesive, wet set adhesive or using the double-drop method.

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